THRFC Topping the National League after a victory against Lions de Fer

Yesterday 7th February 2015 at UTEXRWA, the THRFC left the field with it consecutive win against the Nyamirambo based Lions de Fer 32-9. It was an amazing game to watch!! Both sides shown enthusiasm in the first half. The Lions were powerful on the scrum and used mostly the pack players who were obviously bigger compare to the host team. But, despite the aggressiveness and weight of the Lions pack players, the Thousand Hills defense was determined and managed not to concede any try or point in the first half.

After 20 minutes of hits and tackles from both sides, THRF got a penalty after a foul play from Lions which was well converted by ISIMBI Carlos who thereafter did the same when a Lion player did not roll away after a tackle and put the THRFC on the lead.

Before just two minutes to the end of the first half on a back inside pass, Kasanga David, the full back scored a magnificent try well converted by ISIMBI aka Carlos Kicker to end the first half with a lead of 13-0.

Both team came back with different approach as it seemed. The Lions tried to include passed and more of the back line runs so did the THRFC. But the host was the better side when it comes to fast players, this was well demonstrated by IRUMVA Fils Fidel, the substitute winger who got a great pass from Jacques  BIGIRIMANA and over run 3 Lions players and scored just in the middle to make very simple for kicker to convert. The Lions got 3 penalties which were well converted by UMUHIRE Victorien (Bebe), the score was then narrowed to 20-9.

This did not last long, KASANGA David made another good run to the Lions 22 and kicked the ball passed the full back and with his aggressive speed, he scored a try which disturbed the opponent and shown that THRFC will win this one. Just before the end of the game, SHEMA Serge scored another one on the blind side after a scrum won by THRFC which was not converted.

The final score was THRFC 32-9 Lions de Fer

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THRFC ready for the second game of the league against Lions de Fer

Sunday 7th February 2016 at , Thousand Hills RFC will be playing against Lions de Fer from Nyamirambo, This game was postponed last week due to a tragic death of one of the THRFC players, the number 8 (Ronan Bastit) who past away on last week on Monday, This was a big shock to most of the players who have been playing with him for a while.

As the Captain  MUHIRE Yvan said at the training yesterday: ” We are going to play hard and it will be a good one to watch, but most of all we have the aim to win the National League, so we are determined to give a good Battle to the Lions”, he added that players will play their part as well as Ronan’s part, because his aim was also to win the league”.

The game will start earlier at 2 pm because there also will be another game at the same time where the Remera Buffaloes RFC will play the Kigali Sharks RFC at the same field at 3:30 pm.

We therefore welcome all our fans and the whole rugby family to come and watch the best games of the Rwanda rugby National League where the big four will be showing their strength, skills, just to name some…

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Amazing start of the 2016 National League

The THRFC yesterday, 24th January 2016 at UTEXRWA ground in Gaculiro at 3:45, had the first game which starts the , National League against the Kigali Sharks RFC.

The game started a bit late instead because of the heavy rain, but this did not stop both teams to be present and enjoy the challenge. ITANZI Jean Baptiste the central referee had a check on both teams to insure that policies are followed and that players have adequate equipment to play with. The first half was tense and both teams tried to defend their own goals and avoid unnecessary mistakes which could cost them a try and/or a penalty.

Players like HAKIZIMANA Jean de Dieu and GATERA Issa, of Kigali Sharks RFC and SIBOMANA Christian (Man of the match) and KAMANZI Didier (New signed prop) of Thousand Hills RFC were outstanding during the game. The first half ended by both sides not scoring neither conceiving any point.

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In the second half, the game changes, though it was difficult for players because of the rain, wet pitch and a slippery ball, the THRFC winger BIGIRIMANA Jaques managed to score a try despite a good defense by Kigali Sharks RFC and this was well converted by ISIMBI Carlos who also made more 3 points on a penalty on a foul play done by the Sharks players to make the THills leading by 10 points to no.

The THRFC dominated the second half by both the pack which was so strong on scrums and line outs and the back line. The final score was 10-0 on the favor of the THRFC team which is topping the league table for the moment. The next game will be against the Lions de Fer of Nyamirambo and players believe to perform well again.

The Thousand Hills Rugby wishes you all a Happy & Prosperous new Year!!

After today’s training which was mostly about the game planing, the boys enjoyed 20 minutes playing in the mad as it was raining heavily today.

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It was much fan to see them singing happy new year! Happy new year!! The lads aim for 2016 is to be the best team in Rwanda by winning the upcoming National League and the different seven series organized along the year. We hope to see them perform well.




Saturday 19th December 2015, the Thousand Hills RFC leaders, players and supporters gathered to celebrate the club’s achievement as well as future plans. It was an amazing and excited day to see everyone happy.
As you can see on pictures, it started in the morning where tasks were split it is wonderful to see players and their leaders cooking the food, preparing the place. Players friends and family were also present and helped where necessary. RUGBY is more than just a game!!! Part of th e party, there was a nomination and vote from Thousand Hills RFC members for the best player of the year. ISIMBI Carlos C Kicker was more than excited to be voted! The nominees were: Nsengimana Jdamour, Mucungura Diego, Ntakirutimana Filsi, Niyoyita Roman Kidiaba Peterson, HABIMAN
A Heritie Wasale Serevi Eri Crinton, Kansanga David and IRUMVA Fils Fidel.

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At this party, it was also a great moment to express gratitude and appreciate things done for the development of our club and donations provided from different personality including: KARIMBA Richard, Dr. Alphonse Umugire , Dr. Joe Olzackii, Ian Pattersonn, Ruth Mitchell, Dave Hughes, Takuro Kawatsu , Godfrey Gypsy Duck, Amy Jackson, Jaye Richardson, John Tinsley, Diane Lee Adamson, and so many more from the GYPSY Rugby family, the Royal Rugby Boots company, Andy Berry, Ken Fulloon, Anthony Lambert,Julien Taylor, the Gatenga youth center, and without forgetting parents, and many of our family members and others who are not mentioned but supported our cause.

We therefore say a big THANK YOU to all of you and we believe to achieve more because we have you on our side! “TOGETHER WE CAN!”

Toward the end of the ceremony, we had a beer competition where the winner was Sibo Trey Christian, so from now on he is the KAZUMBA MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!